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Gateway to Industry program, Erez college

Gateway to Industry program, Erez college

The “Gateway to Industry” program, led by the director general of Erez College, Yossi Gimon, joined the Galila Fellows Program two years ago.

At the heart of the program is the idea that the more youth, young people and populations who are not in the labor market will be exposed to the industry in the Galilee in an early stage, the more likely they will turn to this market when they look for work. When this happens, two important needs in the Galilee periphery will be addressed: on the one hand, the employment need, on the other hand, the need of the industry for workers.

Yossi’s abilities as a manager and a visionary person, enable the program that began with a few numbers of courses to develop, draw conclusions from the initial model and become an attractive program that not only increases the number of participants each year, but also receives positive feedback from the industrial plants in the north, who are glad to take part.

The success of the program can be measured by the number of people who have applied to work in the industrial world, a manpower that would not have reached the field without the exposure and knowledge acquired in the framework of the project.

The more significant benefits of success will be measured within a few years when the population exposed to the program today reaches the age of which they can join the regular workforce.

As of September 2017, the project has significantly increased the number of participants, expanded the range of populations involved and their geographic distribution.

The structure of the program has also been adjusted, the number of meetings and the content presented in them is tailored to the needs of the various groups, as well as the definition of goals and objectives in the activity of the various groups.

The project creates cooperation with other bodies such as pre-military preparatory programs, welfare offices, national service girls, industrial design trends in vocational schools in the north, youth villages, and more.

This is in addition to expanding the relationship ties with industrial plants in the north in order to study their needs and learn the best way to expose their world to the various target audiences.

In general, the flexibility with respect to the contents of the project proves itself and enables broad audiences to find their connection point to its contents.


The groups that participated in the program in 2017-2018

Free Spirit Group

For the first time, as an attempt, the program was taught to foreign residents. A concentrated exposure day to the Galilee – and the Israeli industry was taught to a group of youth from the Diaspora, ages 15-19, who came to Israel for an empowerment program due to difficulties they experience in their lives. Participants toured the factories and received lectures.

The program’s feedback: “The day of the tour proved to be very successful for us, helped our participants to be exposed to and experience part of the strength of Israeli industry, and opened their minds to future employment opportunities.”

Safed – Employment Center for orthodox Jews.

The group received a lecture on exposure to industry in the north and the possibilities for advancement in it. In addition, there was a tour of the “Pez Etzim” factory, which was looking for new workers.

The program’s feedback: “The meetings were excellent and very productive. Some of the participants in the group started working in the factory they visited.

Achva High School, Yarca

The purpose was to stimulate 11th graders and expose them to the CNC world, with the intention of continuing a long professional training that will follow after the end of the program. Unfortunately, the problems of behavior and attendance of the youth that was also known at the school prevented the completion of the course.

The working and studying youth movement (Hanoar Haoved Vehalomed The Air Force Professional School

Fifty trainees arrived at an exposure day to the North and the industry in the aviation industry.

The day included a visit to an aviation plant, a meeting with professionals, followed by a lecture on industry in the north.

Feedback from the principal of the school: “The tour of the factory was an important educational experience. The tour and lecture succeeded in providing a positive image of a future for employment in industry.

The meeting with the workers in the factory and with the work they are doing gave the students the opportunity to imagine a significant and high-quality employment horizon. “

Hanaton Pre – Military Preparatory Course

The 44 students and their instructors came to the college for a three-day seminar in which they learned about the industry in various aspects: historical, employment and social.

The program’s feedback from Itay Kapsutu, the Preparatory manager: “the guys enjoyed themselves and learned a lot. Some of them learned in a practical way and will be back to meet the industry world in the future, some learned about the Israeli society and some of them met fascinating people but to all of them it was significant.”

Volunteers of a year of service at the Israel Association of Community Centers

60 volunteers of the year of service from the IACC, who are spread throughout Israel, attended the seminar for exposure to the Galilee and industry.

The participants, which come from a variety of populations, underwent a concentrated day of exposure lectures and tours in both Factories in the north.

The feedback: The IACC noted that the exposure they underwent to both the Galilee and the industry was significant and gave them an additional stratum in Israeli society and an employment horizon to which they were unaware.

The Sulam Tzur School, Mate Asher

The Sulam Tzur gateway to Industry group has the highest significance. The school plans to open a technological course for high school students and the exposure to the industry course helps to recruit students to this course and in the future to the industrial world.

Branco Weiss High School, Kiryat Shmona.

The group, which consisted of students from the product design class and mechanical engineering department, underwent a full program that included tour days in factories in the north and lectures on various subjects.

Feedback: At the end of the program, the teachers and students agreed on the success of the program and its importance for years to come.

Nahariya Entrepreneurship Center

Collaboration with Nahariya Entrepreneurship Center in the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Project of the Amal Network, which is active for the first time in Nahariya for 9th and 10th grade students. “Gateway to Industry” became part of the annual program of the Entrepreneurship Center, held for two groups simultaneously. As part of the cooperation, the students visited the factories and went through several workshops, such as “Where will I be in 10 years?”, “From Idea to Product”, “The Importance of Industry in Israel”.

Along with experience in developing and building a product.

Quality Control Course for those entering the industrial world

Integration of the “Gateway to Industry” project in a vocational training course for students with no background in industry. In order to increase the percentage of placement at the end of the course and to help students to work in the profession they purchased.

The feedback: At the end of the workshop, a number of students came to the lecturer, who said that after these they were not ashamed to submit resumes and feel ready to go to work interviews.

Academy for Life, Sheikh Danon

“Academy for Life” is a program in which young women in the Arab sector who volunteer for civil service undergo personal empowerment, preparation, and guidance for choosing a course of study.

In the framework of “Gateway to Industry” the participants visited the program in factories in the region and heard about industry exposure in the north.

The feedback: In a conversation with the program coordinator after the day of the exposure, she said that a number of volunteers expressed interest in vocational training and entry to work in the industry.

“Choosing Galilee” Scholarships

Cooperation with the “Choosing Galilee” program supported by the Galila Foundation, brought a day of exposure to the industry in the Galilee. The scholars visited an industrial plant and heard a lecture about the challenges of the northern industry. The day of exposure helps connect the scholars to the world of industry and northern employment, and their understanding of the importance of living in the northern periphery for the security of the State of Israel.

Manof Youth Village, Acre

Second year of the project held with high school students studying in the CNC program. The students visited various factories in the north and saw the future possibilities of employment they would have if they continued their studies. The response to the course was very significant this year and was very successful.

The students’ feedback was very positive, and everyone noted that the project revealed to them the possibilities of the future and the importance of investing in industry studies.

Safed Absorption Center

Following a request from the Jewish Agency, the “Gateway to Industry” program was opened for Ethiopian immigrants aged 25-35, Who have completed Hebrew learning and are about to leave the absorption center and integrate into Israeli society. The framework of the program was expanded in the areas of writing CVs and placement in order to help immigrants find work immediately upon completion of the project.