Projects | 2016-2017

Project ‘Ozen Lalev’ – Ear to Heart

Project ‘Ozen Lalev’ – Ear to Heart

As part of the activity of the Galila Foundation to promote various populations throughout the north, Galila has collaborated with the “Ear to Heart” association, with the aim to expand the proposed activities for special needs people as part of the empowerment process for them and the community.

The activity of “Ear to Heart” association is a unique one. The members of the association go with the supported staff to the of populations considered disabled (with disabilities in movement, vision and hearing impairments, at-risk populations, etc.) to give everyone in the community support and an attentive ear.

Through professional workshops in listening and support skills, with personal accompaniment tailored to the unique needs of each participant, the association works to enable each applicant to try to become a supporter of the other, and to offer to those in the community a formative and empowering experience, while acquiring valuable social skills such as giving, listening, empathy, acceptance, and support for others.

Graduates of selected workshops, receive a professional training program as supporters, and at the end of the day they have the opportunity for a respectful and meaningful employment on our behalf – in the field – in the service of the community.