Projects | 2018

The “Farming Volunteers” for school kids in northern Israel

The Volunteers Farming Program .

A total of 7,092 volunteers made up of 219 groups activated in the farms across the Galilee region. The “Farming Volunteers” for school kids in northern Israel is a joint venture between the “Galila foundation” and the “New Guardians” Movement aimed at exposing the critical activities of the Movement to the northern residents. It is also meant to inspire teens to better know the agricultural sector in the neighboring region and, most particularly, to encourage them to help by volunteering on the farms.

These volunteer days are successful, educationally and practically. The northern teens learn more about the agriculture surrounding the few towns in this region, its importance and critical value to all our lives. The farmers have learned that they are not alone in their daily struggle to sustain their farm lands and that the younger generation are willing to become active and volunteer their time to help these farms. We at Galila are most grateful to the “New Guardians”  Movement for the wonderful collaboration and for all the work they invest all over the rural areas of our country.