Projects | 2012

The Science and Knowledge Center for Gifted Children – in Shlomi *

Dr. Nili Gal Yam, Director of the Science and Knowledge Center for Gifted Children – in Shlomi is a member of the Galila Fellows Program from day one.

As part of her social initiative, Nili chose to promote a number of projects at the Center she runs, the first of which is the ‘Excellence’ program.

Outstanding program – Science & Knowledge Center for Gifted Children, Shlomi

Dozens of children from Shlomi, Nahariya, Ma’alot, Kibbutzim and Moshavim in the Western Galilee studied this year the Center of Science and Knowledge in Shlomi.

The children arrive at the Center in the afternoon and study several courses in a group setting: Ecology, languages, science fiction, economics, logic, entrepreneurship, law and art. The Center creates a package of knowledge for the children which develops their thinking and exposes them to areas that they would not find in other available educational frameworks.

Alumni program- Tour of the Galilee

The second initiative of Dr. Nili Gal Yam was created from the need to allow graduates of the Science and Knowledge Center for Gifted Children in Shlomi to engage in learning activities, social and enrichment classes at the 10th -12th grade, in addition to participating in their regular high school studies. Science and knowledge centers work in order to meet the academic, social and emotional needs for these gifted children from 4th grade to 9th grade throughout the country. Over the years and as a result of this continuing program, the children emerged as a consolidated group who are used to meeting every week at the Center in Shlomi to learn, but also enjoy the company of gifted children like them. The main purpose of the graduate program is to preserve these special social connections and enable this peer group to connect and to deal with high school challenges unique to this special group, and in order to enhance the gifted children in the future through the existing high school education system.