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The inclusive Galilee All-Stars team participates in the International ‘Mamanet’ tournament in Latvia

This year, the Galila foundation supported a mixed ‘Mamanet’ team that included a number of mentally-challenged adults to participate in the International Catchball tournament held in Riga, Latvia.  The “Bayit Bahoresh” Hostel was established in Kfar Veradim, aimed at integrating people with special needs into a normative community and developing human values of tolerance and acceptance of the other. The hostel is home to 24 young people aged 18+ with mild to moderate mental retardation.

The members of the Galilee All-Stars Mamanet team, who all live in the hostel, returned from the Riga tournament so excited and proud to have participated and officially represent the galilee in this tournament. It was an overwhelming sporting experience. The players participated in the training and games as equal partners and received generous amounts of support, love and warmth from all the athletes.

This inclusive venture, initiated by the women of the Kfar Veradim ‘Mamanet’ team, is a tremendous achievement and an authentic step towards integrating people with disabilities in all areas of life. The Galila Foundation is proud to be a central partner in this important and significant sporting/social event.

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