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A Playground in Kibbutz Hanita

A Playground in Kibbutz Hanita

Kibbutz Hanita, a veteran settlement located (literally) on the border fence with Lebanon, celebrated 80 years since it was founded in 1938. This pioneering community, living in an isolated corner of the Galilee and coping with security and economic challenges, has, over the past decade, absorbed dozens of new, young families, who chose to relocate to this isolated Kibbutz.

Galila found a donor from the US who funded the purchase and installation of a new, children’s playground in the Kibbutz. They also connected the Kibbutz with their home community of Jackson Hole in Wyoming and since then, the community raised funds for the children to enjoy the summer activities with new sports and swimming pool equipment.

A wonderful connection has since developed between the communities and Galila was honored to have made this connection happen and will ensure its continued development over the coming year.

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