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Assistance to needy Holocaust survivors from the North

Galila foundation continues its activities for needy Holocaust survivors from the north and together with the Latet organization renovates homes of needy Holocaust survivors.

As part of the project to assist Holocaust survivors, representatives of the foundation visit together with representatives of Latet in the homes of the survivors and learn firsthand the need that arises in the field in order to provide an immediate and comprehensive response.

Most of the survivors’ homes are old houses with basic furniture. On the walls, you can see old pictures of relatives, homes where they have lived for decades since immigrating to Israel, sometimes only one spouse is alive, sometimes living next to other survivors, but the overall picture in Israel 2017 is a hard one.

Some of the survivors do not speak Hebrew, and for this a Russian speaker accompanies the visit and helps to learn and understand the needs on the ground.

The renovations include a wide range of works:

First and foremost, making the home accessible to the elderly: replacing bathtubs with a shower stall for easier and safer access, especially if they use a walker or a wheelchair.

Installation of handles in both shower and toilet, repair of shutters, creaking windows, repair of door handles and doors, Repair and restoration of walls due to environmental damage, repair and upgrade of electricity – including new points in height and location.

In various cases where we see basic equipment shortages, we also purchase products for the welfare of the survivors – air conditioners, electrical appliances and more.

Galila Foundation is proud to take part in this important project that improves the quality of life of hundreds of Holocaust survivors in the north.


The bath room before the renovation – It is difficult to go in and out of the tab. After the renovation, there is easy and safe access to shower.

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