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“CATS” Seminar for Youth Leadership

“CATS” Seminar for Youth Leadership

The “Children as Actors for Transforming Society” program is aimed at young people coming together from all over the world, with the primary aim of changing the face of the younger members of society, by discussing shared values and other social volunteering initiatives.

The program was created in 2013 as a joint venture of several foundations who work together with the purpose of benefiting children from around the world. The philosophy behind this program is to create an open forum shared by youths from around the world, on the premise of equality between them, for the empowerment of social involvement and creating common tools for activities in the community.

The seminar takes place every year at Lake Geneva, Switzerland. The Galila Foundation, which initiates empowerment programs for Galilean youth, joined this program, and funds a delegation comprised of a select group of young leaders’ ages 15-16 coming from the Western Galilee, to represent Israel at this prestigious and important global seminar. The teens undergo a comprehensive training program before their departure and return very motivated to volunteer in the community and work to develop programs serving the younger generation living in the Galilee region of northern Israel.

This important leadership development project not only supports Israel’s global efforts in ‘hasbara’ – explaining our position on many issues, but also provides an authentic platform for these young teens to ‘make Israel’s case’ to hundreds of teens and future leaders coming from countries all over the world.

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