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Girls Giving Back

The Galila Foundation continues to take part, for the 7th year in a row, in the project “Girls Giving Back to the Community” of the Ma’ale Yosef Regional Council.

This year there are 39 young ladies in the program.  Twelve are continuing from last year.  A group of 12 young ladies joined the program this year from mitzpeh Abirim, and 15 girls joined us in the course of the year. The girls come from the settlements of the Regional Council of Maaleh Yosef.

There are many volunteering places and each girl can choose the best place for her.

There are many volunteer places such as working with the elderly, Moadoniyot (club houses), Tutoring, Babysitting, helping single Mothers, summer camps and many more…

A personal story: S. is a talented vibrant and intelligent young lady.

Unfortunately she has a lot of family and personal issues which cause her and her family  to feel great anguish. She has been participating in the activities including horseback riding and, group treatments.

Thanks to this project  she will be able to pass the difficult period of Passover vacation as a babysitter of a family with Triplets ( 3years old)

This is wonderful for S. it will allow her to feel responsible and good about herself and will also help her Mom to look at her daughter more positively.

The Galila Foundation wishes luck for the girls and Yeshar Koach for all those who take part in the project.

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