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Professional makeup course for girls – Summary of Activities

Galila Association supported the second year course in professional makeup for teenage girls in Kiryat Bialik.

The course is designed to give teenage girls professional knowledge as a base for professional integration in the beauty world.

The course began in October 2013 and ended in April of 2014. Weekly sessions were held in the multipurpose center in Kiryat Bialik.

Classes were held by makeup teacher, Ofra Sadeh from Sigal Tadmor’s professional makeup school. A worker from promoting the youth accompanied the team throughout the course.

During the meetings the girls learned the basics of makeup, makeup color matching by skin tone, types and functions of makeup brushes and different makeup techniques.

Each lesson included theoretical knowledge, a demonstration by the teacher and practical experience – girls made-up each other.

Within the course, we held a women’s evening were the girls invited their mothers, learned about makeup mature women, and experimented on their mothers.

Contribution to the community – as part of a Purim festival for the children clubs in Tzur Shalom, the teenage girls did the make-up for the children.

At the end of the course there was a practical exam at Sigal Tadmor’s studio, the teenage girls received a certificate of completion and a makeup kit that could be used in the work field.

Contribution to the financing of the course came from an American donor who believes in helping by providing the tools for independence.

Galila Association has chosen this way of vocational training for teenage girls to ensure first and foremost the economic independence when the environment is not able to provide it for them.

In light of the success of the course, the organization will fund a similar course next year.

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