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Renovation of After-School Centers for at-risk kids

Renovation of After-School Centers for at-risk kids

The ‘moadonit’ after-school clubs for children and teens coming from impoverished home environments is a program that Galila has been involved with for almost a decade. Our foundation is committed to supporting these critical facilities through renovation and refurbishment of the many clubs spread across the north of Israel.

The condition of these facilities are often run-down and it is so important to give these unfortunate kids a ‘home away from home’ in a clean, safe environment, equipped with furniture and equipment they need for their educational and enrichment activities – five afternoon every week, throughout the year.

Over the years, Galila has renovated and refurbished a total of 16 clubs and will continue with this project, covering all of the ‘moadonit’ clubs across the Galilee region.

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