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Summer Camp – my part of the puzzle.

Summer Camp – my part of the puzzle.

The summer camp project for those with special needs who study in special educational frameworks, which also included youth at risk, was a special project of “My part in the puzzle”.

The summer camp is a special project in which youth who come from different worlds are integrated together in order to fulfil the potential of each and every youth.

The fascinating week that took place in the village of the Jordan River led to an extraordinary experience for marginalized populations who do not “feel like they belong.”

The integration of populations of at-risk youth and youth with special needs together with the educational model of the association, founded by Jenna Elbaz and Shaked Karp, develop a sense of ability, acceptance and self-confidence alongside pleasure and getting out of the routine.

Galila Foundation is pleased to be able to help such an important and valuable project that is taking place here in the Galilee and wishes great success to the Entrepreneurs with their initiative.


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