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Tennis trainers course At the Kiryat Shmona tennis center

Recently 18 participants completed the very first tennis coaching course to be held in Kiryat Shemona Tennis center. The study program was held jointly by the tennis center and the Ohalo College in Katzrin. This took place following an exciting and enjoyable round of theoretical studies lasting four weeks. The coaching and intensive tennis training took place in a sweltering heat wave of July 2012.

The studies began on July 1st and took place on Sundays through Thursdays from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m. and included scientific subjects presented by lecturers from the Ohalo College with a wide range of theoretical and practical studies taught by Daniel Rosenbaum. In total, 240 hours of studies.

At the conclusion of their studies a ceremony was held with a presentation of graduation certificates to the participants. The gathering was greeted by Danny Gali, the managing director of the Israel Tennis Center. Yael Barlev, the executive director of the Galila Association, along with Maya Shulman the principal of the Trainers and Coaches School at the Ohalo College in Katzrin also praised the participants. At the end of the ceremony everyone gathered together for a group photo.

The stipends for the participants were donated by the SEA Beren Foundation from the U.S.A. and the foundation chairman was present at the first day of studies at the course. The donation was provided as part of the Beren – Galila initiative, for the development of entrepreneurship and initiatives for the benefit of the Galilee community.

Shaul Zohar the manager of the Tennis Center added “Holding the training course in Kiryat Shemona will strengthen tennis in the Galilee with the addition of first-class coaches. The course sends out a clear message that the Galilee and specifically Kiryat Shemona are on the sporting map of the State of Israel. We have the ability to achieve great things if we know how to work together in this particular instance meaning the Israel Tennis Center, the Ohalo College and the Galila Foundation along with quality persons in the northern periphery assisted by many good people it will be possible!”

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