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The Establishment of a Science class at Galim School

The Establishment of a Science class at Galim School

DSV is a global shipping company which has chosen to add to its work the field of contribution to the community. The Haifa branch of the company chose to give their contribution to the Galim School, a regional school for children with special needs which is in the educational complex in Kibbutz Ein HaMifraz.

DVS company donated to the school a new Equipped Science class room, which by Yaara the science teacher, created a revolution in the science studies at school and become a magnet for students in the whole school. DVS company did not only settle with a financial contribution and sent employees to volunteer two days at the school and together with the children planted a green garden that surrounds the classroom. The Material and personal contribution of the DVS employees moved the school students and teachers alike and at the dedication ceremony of the new building that was held yesterday you could feel the warmth and love that has been created between the students and staff and the DVS Employees.

The Lab classroom construction project was made possible by a collaboration with Mate Asher Regional Council which was responsible for the implementation and supervision.

Galila Foundation thanks the DVS company on their generous contribution to the school and sees them as a model to the connection between business and the community in the north.

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