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The ‘New Guardians’: Work and Safeguard

The ‘New Guardians’: Work and Safeguard

An amazing total number of 219 groups comprising of 7,092 participants, from high schools across the region, engaged in a volunteer’s program in the Galilee-based farms, designed by Galila and Haushofer Ha’chadash, during 2018.

The New Guardians “Ha’shomer Ha’chadash” organization represent the core values of Zionism, devoted to, and love of, the State of Israel and the land it inhabits. Ha’shomer actively attempts to disseminate these core values to the younger generation in Israel and overseas. The cooperative effort between Galila and Ha’shomer has helped to develop the “Northern Exposure” program, meant to present the philosophy and values of “Ha’shomer Ha’chadash” to the high school students living in the Galilee region. The students take a day away from the indoor classroom and experience a day of volunteering in a rural, isolated farm, while learning about the roots of Zionism and its devotion for to the land of Israel.

This informal, experiential education platform is a perfect launch-pad for Israeli high-school students to re-connect with core Israeli and Jewish values, in their formative years. Galila also supported the establishment of a Young Adults program in Kibbutz Manara, a veteran border-lying community, sorely lacking in young workers who can cultivate the agricultural fields surrounding this Kibbutz.

Our partnership here in the Galilee is vital and we at Galila are especially grateful to the Ha’shomer Ha’chadash movement for their unique contribution to the safety and development of the hundreds of isolated farms across Israel.

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