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United Hatzalah of Israel*

We engaged with the United Hatzalah organization in 2017 and supported a medical emergency first-responders course for volunteers living in the rural communities in the Central Galilee region of Carmiel/Misgave.

The important life-saving work of this award-winning NGO cannot be overstated – especially here in the peripheral corners of Israel, where the chances of an ambulance arriving at the scene in time is not always feasible, due to the distances involved, as well as the lack of ambulances covering the entire region. Everything depends of getting to the emergency scene quickly and to be able to provide initial life-saving attention until an ambulance can come and transport the patient to the nearest hospital. 

With this goal in mind, Galila funded the purchase of a fully-equipped motorbike that will serve the emergency response teams already active in the region, but in need of this vehicle in order to get to the emergency scene as soon as possible.

A total of 16 resident-volunteers successfully completed the intensive 180-hours course     and, together with the UH Medical Kit they received, they are already on-call to respond in any emergency situation in the Central Galilee.

Galila intends on continuing to support this critical contribution to all residents, by funding training courses that will cover the entire Galilee region.

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