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Wings summer camp

Galila foundation has complied for its second year to assist Marom Hagalil community center in funding the wings summer camp. This is the second year that the community center is holding a summer camp for special needs to enable them to go out to an educational framework which is fun, different and liberating, as well as to facilitate the parents and families. The camp is designed for people with special needs from a variety of frames and sequences of limitations: disabilities, organic limitations, intellectual – developmental disabilities (mental) and the autistic spectrum. (Blindness, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, mental …)

 In Merom Hagalil Regional Council, there are 95 special needs ages 3 to 21. 35 of them come from disadvantaged families, supported by the department of social welfare council.

 As part of the camp which was run mostly by teenagers and volunteers from the region, the participants enjoyed an attractive format of a “mobile camp.”

 We ended the camp with a satisfactions note that all of the objectives have been received:

1.  Responding to parents of children with special needs during the summer vacation.

2.  The community center has expanded its operations to new populations.

3.  Integration of special needs in the community center and the community in general

4.  Expanding areas of volunteerism for youth and adults in the area.

Most importantly, the children had great fun who got to leave their homes and their loneliness in favor of enrichment, and fun experiences that was led by the youth of Merom Hagalil.

Galila Foundation is pleased about the possibility to be involved in this important social initiative.

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