Projects | 2017

ALMA – Israel’s security challenges on the northern border *

Sarit joined the Galila Fellows Program as a social entrepreneur in the field of disseminating Israel’s security challenges and the promotion of the Galilee region to visiting groups, VIP individuals and opinion makers. As part of her activities along the northern borders, Sarit leads varied groups, official delegations and individuals from Israel and overseas on a fascinating journey of in-depth learning about life across the volatile northern border.

Sarit is an IDF Lt. Col (Res.) who served for 14 years in the Research Department of the IDF Intelligence Division, primarily at the Northern Command. She gained an M.A. degree in Middle East and through her tours and lectures to visiting VIP groups, she delivers an enriching experience by illustrating the multi-dimensional security challenges faced by residents in the complex reality of life in communities along the northern border. As part of Galila Fellows Program, the Foundation chose to assist Sarit’s operations by establishing ‘Alma – research and education center’ enhancing her capabilities by developing her research capacity as well as assisting her in her marketing/exposure to VIP individuals, groups and communities overseas, thereby enabling her to evolve and expand her operation.