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Gateway to Industry program, Erez college

Gateway to Industry program, Erez college

Yossi Gimon is the entrepreneurial  Director of “Erez College” located in the border town of Shlomi. Among his many initiatives, he  introduced the “Gateway to Industry” program and following the success of the pilot stage, he continues to run the program for the second consecutive year. This creative program was designed to introduce the many employment opportunities that exist for the non-academic residents of the North in factories and industrial companies, located across the Western Galilee.

The program is composed of: educational lectures, personalized mentoring, experiencing the industrial-production processes through practical workshops and tours to factories across the Galilee region. The introduction to the region’s modern industrial world presents new employment opportunities for those who would not have previously considered working in industry due to the negative reputation or from a lack of knowledge about the modernization and sophistication in gaining a long-term career in an industrial setting.

We at the Galila Foundation regard this creative program as a change-agent for developing individuals and communities as well as  promoting the northern region, by increasing available employment opportunities and attracting new populations to the periphery regions of northern Israel. For these important goals, Galila has chosen to sponsor Yossi’s vision and the Erez College and will continue to support this venture for new groups over this coming year.

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