Galila Fellows

The Galila fellows program

The ‘Galila Fellows’ Program – a social initiative for the development and empowerment

of regional activities & leadership development in the Galilee.

The Galila Foundation’s flagship program – the ‘Galila Fellows’, is a joint venture between two independent organizations: Galila and the Beren Foundations. This initiative is based on a longstanding partnership and shared vision that has evolved over the years between these two foundations and their founders.  The ‘Galila Fellows’ is a social venture aimed at supporting, empowering and enhancing entrepreneurs and organizations whose initiatives are based in the Galilee region of northern Israel. The aim of the project is to enable the development and expansion of these change-agent initiatives, which are making a difference to various populations and groups living in the Galilee.

The initiative was launched in 2011, with the first group of social entrepreneurs working in the areas of education, sport, social welfare and community development. Since then, the foundation continues to review new initiatives, in line with the program goals and has invited new entrepreneurs to develop and expand their initiatives, supported by the ‘Galila Fellows’ program.

Galila invites any new social entrepreneur, developing his/her initiative in the Galilee region, to contact the foundation by email and present the vision and mission seeking support. Following our review, we will invite suitable applicants to join the ranks of fellow social entrepreneurs working in the Galilee and to become part of the ‘Galila Fellows’ program.

This group of Fellows includes:

Shaul Zohar

The Galilee Tennis Academy

Yossi Gimon

Erez College

Sarit Zehavi

Alma research & Education center


Efrat Noy

Sustainable farm on Kibbutz Hukok

Tira-El Cohen

Kedma student village

It is our intention to expand this program and incorporate more social entrepreneurs from our region to engage them with a project of their own to be enhanced for the community across our northern Galilee region.

Galila Fellows in the past

Micha Simbalesta


Vered Osman

Director of the Galil film fund



Dr. Nili Galyam

School Principal for Gifted children & Academic lecturer

Keren Grinwald

We Grow Galil


Rafi Bouganim

Graphic & Design Artist

Osnat Ur-Leurer

Holocaust education specialist The Fifth Quistion

Yoav Ben Bashat

Jewish Agency's Social Activism Department

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