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Alma – Research and Education Center

“Alma – Israel’s security challenges on the northern border” is the latest addition to the ‘Galila Fellows’ – the foundations social entrepreneurs program’ in the northern Galilee region of Israel.
Created in 2011, the Galila Fellows program, an initiative supports and empowers individuals living in the Galilee and working on qualitative, high-priority projects that enhance the Galilee region.

The financial support is aimed at providing the initiative with the infrastructure and fiscal capacity for the recipient to develop his/her initiative. More funds are needed to expand “Alma’s” work, particularly in the arena of research and analysis of the multi-faceted materials in Hebrew, Arabic and English, that are published daily in the public press and numerous social media outlets. “Alma’s” ability to review, translate, analyze and report on these daily events is unique, enabling them to be a key voice in the appreciation and understanding of the Middle East and its countless complexities.
Any individual or foundation wishing to join the funding partners in helping to develop and expand the vision and mission of “Alma” are welcome to make a (tax-deductible, 501c3 compatible) contribution.

By Check

Pay to: 
PEF Israel Endowment Funds Inc. 
630 Third Avenue, 15th floor. 
NY, New York 10017-6745. 

Attached letter: Donor-designated to Galila – The Northern Galilee Development Foundation #580410546.

and earmarked to the “Alma” initiative.

On line

Through ‘JGive’ attached link.  


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