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*Adrenaline – a human mosaic in the Galilee, “Galilee Run ” program.

In 2017 Sharona Shalev-Mayer who founded in 2014 the running club “Adrenaline”, has joined the Galila Fellows Program.

The Running club started out three years ago, now has about 150 runners who meet several times a week in different formats and composition with a common goal for everyone …. run, but not only.

The growing Running sector attracts audiences and groups in which each participant comes with different needs, goals, and objectives but also joint points. The Community connection, the will to win the body, the ongoing trainings, various competitions are all a social platform for meetings of various groups that make up the wonderful human mosaic of the Western Galilee.

The Beren Fellows Program which supports social entrepreneurs who are working for the community in the north, recognized in Sharona the potential of a sport’s woman who came from a background of training and social and community, and built with her a social program “Galilee Run,” which aims to bring together the many communities that live in the Galilee and create connections who have a common basis which promotes all its friends.

The “Galilee Run” activities include meetings between groups of runners from all sectors: Jews, Arabs, young, youth, Druze, women, groups of companies and more. In addition, the program includes the promotion of voluntary activity such as groups of Pacers, activities with people with special needs, meetings within the framework of training camps for introduction and working together. Putting togethers delegations representing the Western Galilee in International running sports events (including marathons) in Israel and abroad, and which end at the peak event activity that takes place in the Christian village Meilia – at the “Christmas Galilee Run.”

The annual highlight event – “Christmas Galilee Run” is a spectacular display of human runners of all communities in the Galilee joined by thousands of people from Israel and abroad and to run in several tracks along the village and the nearby settlement of Mitzpe Hila. The event ends with a big happening to celebrate Christmas and New Year with lighting the menorah and holiday of lights. The entire meeting is a spectacular exhibit of the human mosaic in the Galilee who live together in coexistence throughout the year not only in words but also in actions.

Beren Fellows Program of the Galilee Foundation is proud of our new partner and its contribution to the quality of life for the residents of the North.

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