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Inauguration of the Youth Leadership apprenticeship residence in – Ein Kamunim *

In a moving ceremony in the presence of the President of the Beren Sea Foundation, the leadership of  “HaShomer HaHadash”, representatives of the Galila Foundation and of course the apprenticeship of young leadership in the Ein Kamunim, inaugurated the new residential and classroom donated by the Galila Foundation by a designated gift from the Beren Sea Foundation USA.

The Young Leadership community in Ein Kamunim is an educational center which girls from all over the country come to their year of services. The girls work on the farm in Ein Kamunim in the morning, they learn in the afternoon, and guard the farm at night. After the end of the training year, the girls can tutor the hundreds and thousands of youth and groups who come to volunteer activities in Ein Kamunim farm as part of the activities of Hashomer Hachadash organization.

The Ein Kamunim farm participates for several years in the activities of Hashomer Hachadash whose motto is the love of the land, work of the land and Zionist and is a focal point for the organizations activities in the Galilee.

Galila Foundation was a partner in this project together with Hashomer Hachadash and is happy to finance the renovation of dormitories and classrooms. The organization’s goals and activities for the residents of Galilee, consistent with the objectives Galila Foundation activities for  the residents of the Galilee and the foundation hopes to continue the cooperation in the future.

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