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Computerization project in “Galim” school

“Galim” school is a regional school in the Western Galilee for children with special needs ages 6 – 12. Many of the students who finish their studies at “Galim” school return and integrate as part of the mainstream education, an integration that would not have been possible without the unique studies of “Galim”.

With an intended anonymous donation “Galim” school joined the 21st century, classrooms were computerized and became smart classrooms, tablets and computers were purchased and due to this the teaching method got a significant upgrade.

Galila Foundation whom accompanied the process from start is pleased with the partnership and the ability to help the children of “Galim” school in a way that affects the learning process significantly.

This is the second project of Galila Foundation at “Galim” school and we hope for more projects in the future.

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