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Summer program for Ethiopian teens

Tzur Shalom neighborhood in Kiryat Bialik is a hard life one, which concentrates the recent waves of immigration from Ethiopia. Throughout the year, the welfare and education departments of the municipality work to address the many needs of the community, needs which grow significantly during the summer in which many teens return from boarding schools where they are educated during the year. The return home brings many difficulties including wandering around and boredom which brings a variety of vandalism and more.

In order to eliminate the above symptoms, the municipality runs in cooperation with Hayut association an extensive summer program that includes field trips, workshops, fun, educational enrichment and more. The activities are spread throughout the whole summer, thus preventing the wanderings of the youth and in additions develops their community and neighborhood solidarity. The program’s success is seen in the field and as evidence the big graduation party held at Kibbutz Ein HaMifratz.

Galila Foundation assisted in funding this enrichment program, which was made possible thanks to the generous donation of Rocklin Fund. We thank Rocklin Fund for this donation whose importance for the youth and the entire neighborhood can’t be described.

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