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Kedma student village – Tira-El Cohen*

Kedma is a social venture founded and run by a young woman, Tira-El Cohen, who decided to re-energize the Zionist value of relocating to, and living in, a rural village along Israel’s borders – in the south and north.

She established groups of students who were keen to combine study and living in a rural setting. Since she initiated her vision, Tira-El and her organization Kedma have established 16 student villages across the borders in the south and north of Israel. The students live and work in the village while studying at a nearby college and receive a scholarship from the program based on their volunteer commitment to the village/community.

Galila has connected with Kedma in the establishment of a new border student village at Kibbutz Misgav Am –an isolated, veteran community situated on the Israel-Lebanon border.  The students have injected new life into this remote community and are hugely beneficial to the multi-factor needs of this Kibbutz.

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