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“Simcha LaYeled” (Joy for the child) at the Western Galilee Hospital *

The Galila Fellows Program, supporting entrepreneurs and social initiatives in the North, added onto its ranks Eli Kellerman and the wonderful activities of “joy for the child” and brought this initiative to the Western Galilee Hospital.  Following the first and successful year of operating the program in the Western Galilee, we will continue to support and expand the activities planned by Eli at the Hospital over the coming years.  The “joy for the child” program in the Western Galilee Hospital includes connecting volunteers with children hospitalized for long periods, several times a week. This is in addition to the various events organized by ‘Simcha Layeled’ exclusively for the hospitalized children, including a party during the holidays, organized trips and fun days, as well as activities that ‘color the days’ in hospital in a variety of activities that provide these youngsters with joy, optimism and a feeling of inclusion. 

The slogan of “joy for the child” is: ‘together we will replace pain with a smile’, and the Galila Foundation is honored to continue towards this goal and for the children of the North and their families.

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