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An Enrichment program in Zionism, Judaism, and the Holocaust in “Amirim” School *

‘The fifth question’ is an educational project which ​​engages in the Jewish identity and connection between the being an Israeli and the holocaust.

Osnat Urr who initiated the project, built as part of the Beren Fellows a curriculum which enriches the program of preparation to Poland for the 11th and 12th grades.

During the program, students participate in lectures, workshops, classes and activities in various fields, including: meetings with Holocaust survivors, preparing ceremonies at schools and for the community and the study of “the last descendant”.

Students are required to questions such as who is a Holocaust survivor? What is the contribution of the survivors to building the Israeli society in general and the Western Galilee? The stories and interviews are documented for future generations.

In the summaries made after the return of the first delegations from Poland, the contribution of the fifth question project is significant to understanding, the significance of the Holocaust among young people. Testimonies of students and teachers who accompanied the trip state that the project “the last descendant of” increased understanding, commitment and meaning of Jewish and Israeli identity among the youth and raised its level.

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