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2017 Galilee Christmas Run

Christmas Run

The “Adrenalin” running club is a warm home for dozens of participants in various running groups throughout the entire Western Galilee. The club is active throughout the year, and besides the running activities and the wide participation of the members of the club in various marathons in Israel and around the world in which they represent Israel in general and the Western Galilee in particular, the club serves as a platform for social gatherings and social activities between all Jewish, Christian, Druze and Muslim populations.

The coexistence in which the members of the club live in, gather once a year for a peak event that takes place between Chanukah and Christmas and received the name “2017 Galilee Christmas Run “. Hundreds of runners and families from across the north and the country participate in the race. In the early years, the number of participants and attendees reached about 2,000 people, of whom 600 were in various tracks.

This year, the race will take place on 22.12.2017 and will also host groups and runners from abroad.

The race will take place in the Galilee village of Mi’ilya, which will host the runners with a festive event that will finish the race and mark Hanukkah and Christmas and expose the participants to the special life and social mosaic of the Western Galilee.

This year, Galila foundation joined the support of the race, and besides the organization’s contribution to the event, it serves as a platform for raising the resources required for this event.

The “2017 Galilee Christmas Run” is a community, social and sporting event that presents the Galilee in all its human glory. But the costs for its existence require the receipt of general assistance so that a dignified and worthy event can be held.

We are applying y for your donation of NIS 5,000 which will help us to achieve this goal.

Sponsorship of the event will be noted in the field and the donor will receive the appropriate exposure.

The recognized donations for tax purposes under section 46 will be coordinated by the Galila Foundation – The Northern Galilee Development and will be registered as earmarked donations for this project only.

We would appreciate the cooperation and the possibility of supporting the human mosaic that characterizes the residents of the Western Galilee in a sporting this event that serves as an example and model for coexistence in the Galilee.

We are happy to provide all necessary information about the activity and the Foundation.

For more information please contact Sharona Shalev Mayer, Race Manager, Mobile: 0506952112

Together we will create a new human mosaic in the Galilee,

Sharona Shalev-Meyer – CEO Adrenaline.

Yael Barlev – Director of the Galila Foundation.

How to transfer a donation

Galila Foundation – The Northern Galilee Development

POB 9, Migdal Tefen, zip code 2495900,

Telephone: 04-9576333 Fax: 04-9571950 Mobile: 050-6886001


Donations can be made as follows:

Checks: To Galila Foundation – The Northern Galilee Development (personal delivery or by mail).

Bank transfer: Account 433045, Bank Hapoalim (12), Branch 732, Maalot.

Cash (personal delivery)

Credit Card payment via PayPal

Important note: Each payment method, please indicate in the “Assisting Suzy” (note or letter follows)

After making a donation, please send an email message to the Director Yael Bar-Lev: and note:

  1. your name
  2. The amount of contribution
  3. E Mailing address
  4. Business name or the contributor to note on the receipt
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