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*We Grow Galil

Galila Foundation promotes a new social initiative in the north that helps independent women.

WeGrow‘ is a new and innovative social initiative that was born in order to change the existing reality in the field of networking in the Western Galilee and to create and develop a practical, personal, productive and quality connection between professional and independent women in the Western Galilee and the surrounding area.

The ‘WeGrow’ initiative is an Internet platform that brings together independent women and business owners from the Western Galilee region and enables them to connect easily and efficiently through a website to promote their businesses. Through the site, women can learn about each other’s work, set up personal meetings, create office collaborations, hold brainstorming meetings, content meetings, and more. The platform also enables the creation of a community that works together to promote and enrich the Galilean world of independence.

The existing platform has today more than 500 women who have decided to promote their business in an innovative, effective and on an eye-to-eye manner.

We invite you, the women of the North, to join a quality community of business and self-employed women who have chosen a new path to success, a path of cooperative growth.

Galila foundation has chosen to help this social project and see it as the right way to influence the quality of life of the independent women in the Western Galilee who will receive a “home” that will provide them with guidance and support to help them realize their professional and economic goals.

We invite other parties to support the project by contributing and thereby empowering the independent Galilee women to build a professional and productive community.

Donations can be made via the attached link or through the website.

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