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Aharai! (Follow me!) Activity groups in the Western Galilee *

Rafi Buganim joined the Galila Fellows from the beginning and together with Jack Ben Zaken they accompany the participants in the “Acharai!” activities in the various groups in the Western Galilee.

The “Acharai!” groups who operate in the Western Galilee communities work throughout the year on educational and social activities in order to raise a young leadership, encourage community involvement and as a preparation for a significant military service.

Rafi was a combat officer in the paratroopers many years ago, he volunteers to accompany the teens, some of whom come from challenging homes and assists them dealing with contests decision making regarding their service in the IDF.

The enrichment activities includes weekly activities, field trips, regional meetings, special days and emotional enlistment ceremonies. Rafi’s activities within the framework of the Beren Fellows Program allows groups to enjoy local support


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