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After School Center for kids – Mazra’a Village

The Galila foundation equips and supports enrichment activities in the centers for those children at-risk identified by the Mazra’a municipality welfare department. The kids come to the center every day after school for hot lunch, help with homework and enrichment activities.

In 2008, this center for children was fully refurbished by the  Clore Israel Foundation. In addition, they also rebuilt the school playyard and constructed a small childrens playground.

The Galila foundation purchased and installed new computers, games, recreational supplies, books and more in the second ‘moadobit’  childrens club. . In addition, Galila supports the enrichment activities for these children in music, sports and the arts at both centers.


The project takes place in close cooperation with the Director of Social Welfare Department of the Mazra’a local council and the funding for this project was gifted by the Kadoori foundation

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