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Aiding Holocaust Survivors over the Jewish Holidays

This year, as in every year over the past eight years, at Rosh Ha’Shana (Jewish New Year) and Pesach (Passover), the Galila Foundation provides financial support to 400 holocaust and WW2 ghetto survivors from northern Israel towns including Carmiel, Safed, Acre, Shlomi, Nahariya, Ma’alot and Hatzor.

On the eve of the Jewish Holidays, we hold festive gatherings for all of our survivor-heroes – organized by groups of volunteers in the various cities. At the end of the joyous event we give each survivor, a holiday gift in the form of a gift-card. Receiving this assistance of several hundred shekels, enables these elderly and frail holocaust survivors to get through the holiday season with dignity and knowing there are those who think about them and care for them all year round, and especially during the holidays.

The Holocaust and WW2 ghetto survivors support projects are the flagship of the Galila Foundations work in the northern Galilee region of Israel. We are proud and honored to be able to support these heroes of the Jewish nation and to help improve their life quality, to the best of our ability.

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