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Alma – ISCNG

Sarit Zahavi ;  ‘Alma’ – Israel’s security challenges in the northern Region.

Sarit joins the Galila Fellows Program as a social entrepreneur in the area of ‘hasbara’ in the complex field of security challenges along Israel’s northern borders and the promotion of the Galilee to VIP groups including politicians, journalists, Jewish and Christian leadership groups as well as opinion makers from around the world.

Sarit takes her groups, delegations and individuals on a fascinating journey of the border regions (Lebanon & Syria) and engages her audiences with a deep appreciation of the complexities along our borders and provides insight into Israel’s response to these challenges.

Sarit Zehavi has an M.A. in Middle East studies. She is fluent in Arabic and holds the rank of Major in the IDF having primarily worked in the Research Division of the Intelligence Corps at the Northern Command – where she still actively serves in the military reserves unit.

As part of ‘Galila Fellows’ Program for 2016, the Galila Foundation will assist Sarit in her work by building a support structure and real-time research system, which will allow her to expand her operations as well as intensify her research capabilities.

Additional information about the activities can be found on Alma’s web site: 

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