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Control Center in the Beit HaKerem Communities Cluster

As part of its work for the community, the Beit HaKerem Cluster established a regional control center this year to support environmental enforcement activity. The project is the result of an initiative by the “Maoz HaTsafon” program and the Beit HaKerem Communities Cluster.
The regional control center is intended to allow for use of advanced technology and a connection to field cameras that have analysis and identification capabilities. This enables the identification of problematic incidents on the one hand and to also serve as a call-center for residents.
With the Covid 19 crisis, some of the Cluster’s local authorities found themselves without suitable infrastructure for responding to residents’ calls during this crisis. Accelerating the center’s activities and expanding its staff enabled better responding and provision of information — in Arabic as well as in Hebrew – regarding changing Covid 19 related issues, particularly for the region’s businesses.
The Galila Foundation, working in close cooperation with the “Maoz HaTsafon” program, is pleased to support activities that serve the diverse communities in the north.

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