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Gate way to industry program – Erez College in Shlomi

The recently-appointed CEO of the Erez College in the Western Galilee town of Shlomi is the latest candidate to be appointed as a member of the Beren Fellows for 2016. The project he selected as his initiative is The “Gates to Industry” program aimed at exposing the numerous employment opportunities in the industrial sector available in the Western Galilee region of northern Israel.

The program is designed to break down the stigmas and prejudices connected with a career in industry that prejudices the younger generation on their dilemma in choosing a rewarding profession and a future career.  This program is an important stepping stone for making the right choice based on knowledge, exposure and a better understanding of the industrial sector. This is conducted with hands-on experiences and tours across the region coupled with a learning experience about the various fields of employment and career opportunities that are available in this region of Israel.

The Galila Foundation has chosen to partner with the Erez College and helps to finance the program in 2016-17 for a total of ten new groups. The pilot group for this program reports that as a result of this experience, many new employment opportunities in the industrial sector have been opened for them – labeling this program as a successful launch-pad for a rewarding and enriching professional career.

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