Life-Line Summer Camp

The Galila Foundation is proud to have donated, for the second year running, to this moving social and community project, initiated by Koby and Miriam Darkhi from the town of Kfar Veradim. The Life-Line summer camp for people with disabilities and special needs is entirely a donation to the community and an example of human kindness.
The Darkhi family open their home for a week to some 40 people with disabilities, together with their caregivers. During the week, the participants enjoy a wide variety of activities, lectures, workshops, and guided activities, all of which are donated by members of the community. In addition, the participants enjoy joint meals and meetings with community members of Kfar Veradim and the surrounding region.
The camp gives the participants’ families a week of respite, during which they know that their loved ones are looked after, busy and surrounded by a loving community that cares for them.

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