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NASA Project

Within the Beren Fellows project and support of social entrepreneurs in the Galilee, Galila association supports a social initiative of Dr. Nili Gal Yam, director of the center of science and knowledge for gifted children.

At the center of science and knowledge for gifted and talented in Shlomi learn about 200 students from fourth grade to ninth grade, Jews, Druze and Christians, religious and secular, come from schools all over the Western Galilee, learn together and expose to a variety of enrichment programs especially in the area of science, technology, the arts and society.

As part of the special study programs, since 2012, the school operates a curriculum in astronomy and space exploration cooperation with the euro space center in Belgium and sponsored by the academic space agency NASA, which combines groups of schools from around the world in this special program.

The learning process is an annual project and includes common themes study by 2-3 partner schools (usually the main partner is a school similar to the one in the U.S. and here – a European School), joint meetings assisted by conferencing systems, video lessons taught by the space experts of Johnson Space Center in Texas, participating in forums and constant contact via e-mail. At the end of the school year, youth from both countries are planned to meet in a special space camp of NASA in Belgium, for a week of experiential learning experiences in aerospace equipment, simulation systems for astronauts and of course, social meetings with schoolchildren who are partners in the project.

This project is a one-time unique experience that allows periphery children to discover a world they could only hear about.

Galila Association helps finance the project in the belief that providing equality of opportunities for children in the periphery that have intellectual abilities but without the practical, helps in developing the future generation of our children and the development of society itself.

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