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Project ‘Ozen Lalev’ – Attentive Hearts Project

Project ‘Ozen Lalev’ – Attentive Hearts Project 

As part of the Galila Foundation aim to promote various populations throughout the north, Galila is collaborating with the “Attentive Hearts Project” in order to expand the range of available activities for individuals with special needs as part of our joint effort to both empower them and the community as a whole.

The “Attentive Hearts Project” is unique, being the first in the world to train individuals with disabilities (mobility, vision and hearing impairments) to emotionally support others and enable them to go out into the community offering those in need support and a listening ear.

Through professional workshops in Listening and Support Skills, tailored to the unique needs of each participant, the project aims to enable each applicant to try and become a supporter of others, gaining a formative and empowering experience, while acquiring valuable Social and Emotional Skills. Selected Graduates of our unique workshops are then offered an additional professional training program as Qualified Emotional Supporters, and  thus the opportunity for a respectful and meaningful employment in the service of the community.

Only with your financial support will we be able to continue transforming the supported into supporters, offering these unique workshops and training programs, and enabling our staff of Emotional Supporters with disabilities the access and mobility needed for them to go into the community to support those in need.

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