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Renovation of the playground in Kfar Vradim

Renovation of the playground in Kfar Vradim

Galila Foundation donated to the renovation of the main playground located at the intersection of the main entrance to Kfar Vradim. The playground and the adjacent sports complex was built over a decade ago for the benefit of the residents and the many hikers who visit the area. The garden serves as a meeting place for children, youth and adults who come to it during the day and evening and on weekends to enjoy the facilities and a wide garden attached to it. Over the years, the garden wore out and it became necessary to renew it and take care of shading to suit the needs and new standards and specially to provide an appropriate response to the great crowd who comes to the area.

Galila Foundation in collaboration with the local council and under implementation and supervision of the engineering department of the local council of Kfar Vradim upgraded as a first stage the gaming complex which included replacement of the grass to a synthetic one and installation of shading that will allow young children to stay in the garden even during the hottest hours.

The work was completed and the entertainment area and garden games are waiting for spring which will bring many children to visit the garden and spend long hours there. Galila Foundation has contributed to upgrade the garden as part of its aims to promote and develop the community in the north.

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