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Simcha La Yeled

Galila and “Simcha LaYeled” (Joy for the child) at Western Galilee Hospital

Beren Fellows Program who supports entrepreneurs and social initiatives in the north brought to her ranks Eli Kellerman and the beneficial activities of “Simcha LaYeled” who thanks to this collaboration added its activities to the Western Galilee Hospital.

The “Simcha LaYeled” activities in the Western Galilee Hospital include volunteers and national service girls who work with children who are hospitalized for long periods, several times a week. this is in addition to the various events that take place in the hospital for the kids by the “Simcha La Yeled” volunteers which brighten up the days in the hospital with activities that incite attention to happier directions.

The slogan of “Simcha LaYeled” is: Together we will replace pain with a smile, Galila foundation is happy to collaborate in this meaningful project and will continue to work for this good cause for the children and their families in the North.

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