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Summer Camp – My Piece of the Puzzle

Summer Camp – My Piece of the Puzzle

A summer camp adventure for children with special needs who study in special educational systems in the Galilee, in which at-risk youths are also integrated, is a special project of “My Piece of the Puzzle”. The summer camp is a unique project in which youths who come from different worlds are integrated with the common goal of achieving the potential within each girl and boy. The enthralling week takes place at the Jordan River Village, contributed to an extraordinary experience for these challenged populations who feel “they don’t belong”. 

The integration of at-risk students together with youths with special needs has developed an educational model, together with a sense of self-acceptance and confidence, alongside enjoyment and freedom from the routine of daily life.

The Galila Foundation is delighted with the opportunity to continue its support of such an important venture taking place here in the Galilee.

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