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Supporting the ‘Bnai Menashe’ children’s home in Ma’alot

Supporting the ‘Bnai Menashe’ children’s home in Ma’alot

The Bnai Menashe community are immigrants who arrived from northern India and Burma a decade ago, and many families were absorbed in the town of Ma’a lot. This community needed special attention and services from day one to ensure their successful integration in the town.

The children’s home in Ma’alot for the children ages 6-12 of the Bnai Menashe community is a special ‘warm’ environment for kids, who need a place to be after school hours. The club provides a warm and loving environment, equipped with everything these children need to feel welcome, comfortable and enriched. Following a freshly-cooked, nutritious meal, the kids engage in homework, assisted by volunteers as well as partaking in a number of play and sports activities available at this club.

The club enables their parents to work until the early evening without the added financial burden of child care expenses.

The Galila foundation assisted by purchasing sports shoes for all the kids and we intend to continue and expand our contribution to this special community by purchasing more equipment for their afternoon club.

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