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Tennis Summer camp for kids

The Galila foundation partnered with the Tennis Center in kiriat Shemona to subsidized summer camp for kids. The summer camp was held during August 2013.

In the camp children age 6 – 12 benefited from activities that include tennis, movies, crafts, activities, etc.

The summer camp took place during the hot month of August; it was three weeks long, 5 days a week.

Galila foundation was able to partner in this protect thanks to a donation from the Beren SEA foundation.

The Donation allowed us to lower the cost for participants and include children which parents had difficulty paying their fees. In addition we were able to enrich the camp activities.

Long summers leave many children without anything to do for weeks. The option to let them participate in summer camp and allow parents to go to work knowing that children are look after and enjoy, is an actual help.

Galila foundation is very proud to be able to support the community in the north of Israel in such a project.

The project is part of the BEREN – GALILA initiative.

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