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The “Aharai” Program activities – 2013/14

During the past year, Rafi Bouganim, a Beren Fellow, worked to expand the values-orientated “Aharai” program to three groups of 30 high school students each in the Western Galilee region – Ma’alot, Shlomi and Kfar Veradim.

In addition to their scheduled activities, the groups were also engaged in community programs and enrichment classes – all aimed at the final goal of enabling these dedicated youngsters to serve their compulsory Army term in the most meaningful and motivated manner possible.

The “Aharai” regional volunteers, Rafi Bouganim and Jaques Ben Zaken have been supporting the program for over three years and are a true model of purposeful volunteering in the community.

The “Aharai” program in the Western Galilee is a part of the Beren-Galila Initiative together with the Mid Kansas Jewish Federation.

Rafi Buganim

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