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The COVID-19 Crisis

Among the challenges that the COVID-19 period has brought is its effect on the financial situation of the population. The Galila Foundation rose to this challenge by providing much-needed assistance to various projects.
• Adoptive Family – The government distributed grants to all of Israel’s residents, without regard to actual needs. Many families who received the grants chose to donate them to families in dire need of additional financial support. Galila provided a platform for these donations and with the funds raised, we purchased and distributed shopping vouchers every weekend to a select group of impoverished families with no other means to support themselves.
• Ahava (“Love”) Home, Kiryat Bialik – The children living in the Ahava home were forced to spend the lockdowns confined to the home’s property, without being able to go out for air. Dozens of children were shut up in the home’s crowded houses during the long Covid 19 lockdown days. To help them pass the time as pleasantly as possible, the Galila Foundation bought the children outdoor sports equipment, ping-pong tables, baskets and basketballs, soccer goalposts, as well as board games.
• Ziv Medical Center, Safed, and the Western Galilee Hospital, Nahariya -The medical staff at these two hospitals worked day and night caring for Covid 19 patients from the north. During the lockdowns, children of the staff members were forced to come to the hospitals since they could not remain at home unsupervised. Thanks to a generous donation, Galila purchased play equipment, television sets and computer games for these children, thereby joining in the national effort to assist those working on the front lines to battle Covid 19.
• Purchase of technological equipment, Maalot – Many of the families whose children have had to study from home lacked the financial means to buy them the tablets or laptops needed for remote learning. To help these families, we undertook an initiative, in collaboration with the Maalot municipality, and other bodies that enabled us to provide the children of Maalot with tablets with which they can connect for remote learning during the long days studying from home.

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