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The Display Renovation & Refurbishment Project – Kibbutz Hanita

The Display Renovation & Refurbishment Project – Kibbutz Hanita

The ‘Fort & Stockade’ Museum is located at the heart of this veteran kibbutz, located along Israel’s northern border with Lebanon. The stone house overlooks a breathtaking view of the Western Galilee region and tells the story of the original pioneers who established Hanita in 1936. The museum displays original photographs, weapons, agricultural tools and a movie on the early days in this remote Kibbutz. There are also archeological finds on display, including a Byzantine-era Basilica, unique mosaics as well as coins from the Second Jewish Temple period  and even stoneware from the pre-historic era.

Following a lengthy planning process, the museum is finally undergoing renovation, refurbishment and content modernization for the young generation of visitors. Galila partnered with a US foundation and the museum management to make this happen. The museum is an important witness of historic events depicting the pioneering nature of the founders. It is our duty to ensure that this is passed onto the next generations and to a wider audience – from Israel and overseas.

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