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The “Gateway to Industry” II – Erez College

As part of its activities for the residents of the north and out of a desire to help young people of the Galilee to acquire attractive professions that will enable them to remain living in the north and to support their families with dignity, Galila Foundation supports the “Gateway to Industry” program of Erez College.

The program enables young men and women from all sectors, to learn about job possibilities in various establishments of the Galilee. This week another cycle of Gateway to Industry started at Erez College which included a day of exposure to the 12th grade students of “Shalom” high school at Shech Danoon.

The students attended a lecture on introduction to industry, participated in business consulting workshops for factories, learned about different industries, working conditions, types of positions, salary conditions, accreditation and training for women and men.

One part of the day included a workshop “Concept to Product” to illustrate to the students the entire process of planning, production, until the finished product stage.

The second part of the day included a tour of the Tefen industrial park and a visit at the Iscar factory, also here the students went through a workshop in order to see how the employee’s work day is.

Responses from school and youth summary of the day were very positive and we hope to see some of them integrated in the industry when they finish their studies and / or national military service.

Galilee Foundation considers the support in the “Gateway to Industry” program of great importance and believe in its power to expand employment options for young people in the north.

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