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The Medical Secretary Graduates Award Ceremony at the Erez College in Shlomi

he ceremony took place on May 28, 2015 with the graduate students of this program at the historic home in the coastal town of Nahariya of the region’s leading philanthropist and activist, Raya Strauss. At this event, all of the graduate students, residents of the Western Galilee, chose to improve their lives by developing careers while balancing the challenge of raising a family, building a career and developing their own income. The Erez College provides students with opportunities by offering them evening courses in further education and enrichment. This special educational institute located the northern border town of Shlomi, focusses on the students and helps them to gain employment across the region through a wide-range of specialized re-training courses they provide.

The Galila foundation chose to lend its support to the Medical Secretary re-training course, as this is considered a priority need for medical centers, including the regional Western Galilee hospital, in the region. Upon graduation, these women can now gain respectful professional employment at any one of the numerous medical facilities across the Western Galilee region.

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