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Wings Summer camp – 2016

Galila foundation has joined for its third year to help the Merom HaGalil community center in funding the Wings Summer Camp. The community center conducts its third year summer camp for special needs children to enable them to leave to an educational framework which is fun, different and liberating, as well as to relieve the parents and families during the long summer vacation. The camp is designed for people with special needs from a variety of frameworks and on a sequence of limitations: handicaps, organic disabilities, Intellectual – developmental disabilities (mental retardation) and the autistic spectrum (blindness, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, mental …)

There are at the Merom Hagalil Regional Council approximately 100 children and youth with special needs. 35 of whom come from disadvantaged families, supported by the Department of Social Welfare Council.

In the framework of the camp which was run mostly by teenagers and volunteers from the area the participates enjoyed attractive activities in the format of a “mobile camp” and spent in a variety of fun and recreation sites across the North.

At the end of the camp we can note with satisfaction that we achieved all the goals that have been set:

Responding to parents of children with special needs during summer vacation.

Integration the special needs children in the community center and the community in general

Expansion of volunteerism opportunities for youth and adults in the area.

And best of all – Great joy of the children who were out of their home and their loneliness in favor of enrichment and fun experiences led by the youth of Merom HaGalil.

Galila Foundation is pleased for the possibility to be involved in this important social initiative.

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